John Chillingworth

Senior Marine Principal

John joined Lucion Marine in 2017 and has developed key relationships with our Marine clients, developing the global marine market and implementing strategies to increase the efficiencies of ship surveys.

John has over 40 years working in the marine industry and in business development, having held director-level positions in major International corporations covering many disciplines including Asbestos and Hazardous Material in ships, ship repairs and hotel operations.

The various positions allowed him the opportunity to operate in a variety of countries and deal with all levels of organisations including government leaders and have a track record of successful general management in profit-making businesses. 


  • Expanding the global marine market
  • Increasing IHM survey sales
  • Introducing efficiencies for ship surveys 

Qualifications and Training

  • Chief Engineers Licence, Steam and Motor
  • US equivalency Bachelor’s Degree
  • Asbestos Awareness

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