Ship Recycling Plans

In accordance with the 2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Ship Recycling Plan under the Hong Kong Convention, and the EU Ship Recycling Regulations, ships that are to be recycled require a Ship Recycling Plan.

Container ship in the ocean

Under the guidance, the plan should be approved by a Competent Authority and verified as properly reflecting the information from the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) during the final survey before an International Ready for Recycling Certificate can be issued.

Preparation of the plan should, therefore, begin well before a ship arrives at a Ship Recycling Facility.

To support our clients in meeting this requirement we can produce internationally recognised Ship Recycling Plans, and support you through the process with expert advice and guidance.

Working from our offices across the UK and Singapore and stations in China and Turkey, our consultants can assist you in preparing content and documentation for the plan based on the guidance to ensure suitability and compliance.

We can also assist you in carrying out inspection and testing works that may be required as content for the plan and can also manage any remediation works required as part of the process to ensure compliance with appropriate requirements and guidance.

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