Health and Safety Consultancy

Our expertise in the marine industry also includes providing health and safety consultancy services where we review, assess and propose actions to improve our clients’ safety management systems and ensuring compliance with the appropriate international statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Our consultants have significant experience of working with clients across the UK, Europe and Asia, providing;

  • Corporate risk management and strategic planning
  • Safety Management systems
  • Accident & Incident Investigations

Working from our offices across the UK and Singapore and stations in China and Turkey, our consultants provide corporate risk management and strategic planning to reduce risk and improve safety performance throughout your business. Our risk exposure assessment process includes a gap analysis and full review of safety documentation to identify where you are at risk and the proposing solutions based on our expertise to mitigate risk and implement strategic planning procedures to maintain compliance levels.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) provide a systematic approach to managing safety on site, implementing policies and procedures and improving staff behaviour and attitudes. The implementation of a safety management system has huge benefits for businesses beyond the obvious legal implications of not having a SMS at all. Lower accident-related costs, reduction in downtime and improved health and safety culture are just some of the benefits customers can expect once implementing a SMS.

Our consultants can undertake audits of your sites and identify your strengths and weakness, and where you are most at risk, and then work with you to set goals and develop policies and procedures to address the risks and improve performance. We can also assist you in the implementation of new procedures through the distribution of instructions and communications, training of staff and monitoring performance.

Accident investigation is a key component of injury prevention and reduction and in the event of a serious accident or incident, we can provide an immediate response service. With professionalism and confidentiality, we will conduct an investigation to identify the cause and propose corrective measures and identify suitable control measures to prevent a similar situation being faced again. We also utilise specialist legal services for coverage post incident with all legal matters to ensure that should something go wrong, you have the help, support and assistance you need. This will enable you to do everything necessary to mitigate the impact on you, your company and your workforce (or your customers) in the event of an incident, ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

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