Asbestos Removal Project Management

As an experienced consultancy with over 15 years’ experience in the marine sector, we have a substantial amount of experience of managing asbestos removal projects on marine vessels, offshore platforms and other marine assets.

Ship in the ocean

We can support you in managing removal projects from cradle to grave, ensuring that works are delivered to appropriate standards and providing expert guidance in your best interest.

To assist you in managing asbestos remediation projects, we can provide the following services; 

  • Producing removal specifications
  • Providing expert advice, evaluation and recommendations when tendering removal works to the market
  • Provision of a qualified and competent analyst on-site to monitor the works and advise on progress from start to finish, including; 
  • Reviewing the removal contractors’ method statements, risk assessments, training records etc. Inspection and monitoring of equipment and site environment 
  • Advising the removal contractor on their methods to achieve compliance with appropriate guidance and the agreed standards 
  • Full suite of air monitoring and laboratory testing services

The progress of the removal works will be recorded on-site by our Lead Analyst using our digital project diary, providing you with full visibility and ‘eyes and ears’ of the removal works from start to finish. The diary is updated in real time and provides a full project timeline for you to review at any time via our NexGen system. This access and visibility will provide you with peace of mind and assurance that works are being carried out as required and under the supervision of our competent and professional analytical teams.

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