Asbestos Management Plans

An asbestos management plan identifies and details the risk posed by asbestos present on a particular vessel or asset and sets out the procedures and persons responsible for controlling those risks.

Inspection for hazardous materials including asbestos

The management plan will typically include information on;

  • Roles & responsibilities 
  • Policies and procedures for day-to-day operations, refurbishments, specialist works and emergencies
  • Risk assessments of each occurrence of asbestos 
  • Action plan for monitoring of asbestos (re-inspections) 
  • Training requirements for roles and personnel based on their responsibilities

The plan should be reviewed every twelve months (minimum) to ensure that changes in the organisation are considered and accounted for i.e. change in management structure, personnel and responsibilities.

Our consultants can support you in reviewing and developing your asbestos management plans for marine assets following updates in your management systems and ahead of system audits to ensure that they meet appropriate standards. We can also provide advice and support services for implementing any actions in-line with the requirements of the plan i.e. scheduling plan reviews based on risk level, updating emergency procedures, and delivering any additional training for personnel, to ensure ongoing compliance with appropriate standards.

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