Asbestos Air Testing

Air monitoring is carried out to provide a measurement of the ambient fibre levels within a specific area during or following asbestos works or a potential disturbance.

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We provide the full suite of air monitoring services, including background, leak, personal, reassurance testing, and four stage clearance procedures.

Our resource is the largest directly employed risk management team in the resource UK and includes over 140 competent and qualified analysts who are all trained under our UKAS ISO 17025 accredited technical procedures.

Analytical data is recorded on our NexGen mobile application where analysts can record analytical data in a completely digital environment, including taking measurements of enclosures and photos, making general observations and generating certificates of re-occupation. Our analysts also carry mobile laboratory workstations which allow them to complete air tests as soon as the test has been completed and deliver certificates and analytical paperwork to you straight away in both digital or hard copy formats.

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