Asbestos Consultancy

Asbestos consultancy covers a large spectrum of services and essentially is how we can ensure that your asbestos management systems and procedures are compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements.

A safe and compliant marine environment

While most asbestos consultancies focus on identifying the risks, our approach focuses on supporting our clients in overcoming compliance challenges and streamlining their management procedures to be more effective and efficient.

Our team of specialist consultants have a substantial amount of experience in delivering asbestos management and remediation works in the marine sector and has the knowledge and expertise to overcome the associated complex challenges and hazards when working on marine vessels, offshore platforms and other marine assets.

Working to international standards, we can assist you in improving your existing asbestos management systems and procedures in order to achieve and maintain compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and best practice. We can carry out gap analyses, exposure assessments and system audits to identify where improvements can be made and can then support you in implementing changes and new system procedures to achieve your targeted level of compliance.

Our consultants also provide the complete suite of consultancy services for asbestos remediation projects in marine environments, including producing removal specifications, providing expert advice when tendering works to the market, and managing the remediation works on-site to ensure compliance with the project specification and delivering high standards of workmanship and safety.

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