NexGen is our innovative cloud-based risk management software that has been custom built for our Marine clients.

Streamlined Solution

A streamlined, long-term solution to asbestos and hazard management software

We assist our Marine clients in the management of their compliance data, making accessing data and completing compliance tasks easier - without large amounts of paperwork.

After a long search for an off-the-shelf solution, we realised that the asbestos and hazard management software market is crowded with outdated technology unfit for our long-term strategy. We decided to create an agile IT department and NexGen was the result. Since 2011 we have incorporated or obsoleted all 25 apps, meaning that NexGen is now the only programme we need to run our business. As a management solution, the system overview provides full visibility of your risk management data relating to your assets, and shows your management timeline and workflow, ensuring that you have all the information needed to implement safety improvements and give your portfolio a clean bill of health.

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Cloud-Based Project Management

Real-time, streamlined project management

NexGen’s data is live, dynamic and can be accessed via any device with internet connection and by using quick response (QR) codes.

When carrying out inspections on-site, surveyors are able to download ship survey data directly to their device ‘in the moment’ whilst carrying out the survey, providing quick and easy access to all survey data, photographs and plan drawings. Following the survey, the new data will be synchronised and updated in the system, with old data being archived for future records. Rather than being a closed system, NexGen uses live data that is saved within the cloud. This means that the system always shows the most up to date version of the data and as soon as any survey or remediation works have been carried out, the data is instantly updated within the system and available for users to review in real-time.

Constant UX Improvements

Continuous improvements to your user experience

A dedicated team of software engineers work every day on NexGen and have a competitive advantage of being trained in all aspects of the industry.

Data is managed under an ISO 27001 accredited Information Security Management System for full protection against data loss, corruption or unauthorised access, with robust security protocols including multiple backup and encryption. The system has been continuously live since 2012 with 0 hours downtime and is managed by a dedicated team of development software engineers who oversee performance, providing reliability and security of your data.

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