Inventory of Hazardous Material

The inventory of hazardous materials has been introduced to ensure the safety of all those who could potentially be exposed to hazardous materials. This could include workers in the shipyards, on the ships and at the recycling yards.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials

The Inventory of Hazardous Materials was introduced in the 2009 Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. When the convention becomes compulsory, expected within the next couple of years, all ships weighing over 500GT will be required to carry the inventory. In the mean time the EU has introduced regulations that all ships visiting EU ports will have to have an approved IHM by December 2020.

Hazards that are commonly found on vessels include Asbestos, PCBs, TBTs, ODS and microbiological contaminants.

We provide surveys for hazardous materials on vessels around the world, whether they are newly built, currently trading, or due to be recycled. The survey can take place while the vessel is at sea or in port and our surveying teams are able to meet and leave the vessel at most ports internationally. The IHM should be re-inspected annually to ensure its relevance and a full re-survey of the vessel carried out every five years.

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