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An Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) was part of a comprehensive package of services provided by Lucion to confirm that asbestos was not present onboard a marine vessel.

Lucion has undertaken work for a major cruise line which involved a pre-refit survey to confirm that one of its vessels, built in 2008, was asbestos free. This followed a previous inspection that raised some concerns that asbestos might have been present in the bulkhead fire insulation.

Working closely with the cruise line’s ships technical manager, a Lucion team tested three locations and collected over 90 samples for analysis while the ship was in Jamaican waters. Rapid turnaround and lab testing (completed within two days) confirmed that asbestos wasn’t present.

The project reaffirms the value of using an experienced operator with the wherewithal to deliver a professional, quick and extremely accurate testing service - providing ship owners and operators with significant time and cost savings. It also ensures comprehensive compliance with international regulations.

Most marine authorities recognise that asbestos remains a problem onboard new ships, so they recommend that owners complete an ISO17020 asbestos survey to prove a vessel is asbestos free. It’s worth noting that this activity forms 60% of an IHM inspection survey. A completed inventory, which is required to be maintained and updated annually and can be subject to random testing, can eliminate issues around accusations of a ship containing asbestos, either during a refit or with owner supplied items.

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