Self-Unloading Vessels

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A leading operator of self-unloading vessels, used in the offshore sector, engaged Lucion to work closely with its own technical team, completing a series of IHMs across its EU-based fleet.

The move identified potentially hazardous materials onboard the vessels and ensured compliance with important legislation.

The work, delivered on time and without incident, involved Lucion drawing on its expertise and experience as an international leader in IHM best practice, surveying 11 vessels docked at European ports across a 12-month period. Coordinating several teams working onboard to ensure compliance with strict time frameworks around port docking (often less than 12 hours per ship), was also critical to Lucion successfully delivering the contract.

The vessel’s head of technical and fleet operations said: “Lucion delivered work to the highest levels of quality and professionalism. Their service was excellent and there were never any issues. We will certainly be using them again in the future.”

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